Aims & Topics

The aim of the conference is to promote further international co-operation among Scientists and Engineers from different disciplines involved in the study of Fracture and Damage Mechanics.
The overall objective is to produce an integrated approach to problems of Fracture Failure, Fatigue and Safe Design.
The conference will discuss papers on any topics listed below and others related to the objectives of the meeting. The participants are encouraged to review critically existing ideas and to explore new research ideas.

Conference Topics

Fracture Mechanics
Failure Analysis
Non-linear Problems
Dynamic Fracture
Residual Stress
Environmental Effects
Crack Propagation
Repair Technique
Composite Materials
Ceramics & Polymers
Metallic Materials
Probabilistic Apects
Risk Analysis
Damage Tolerance
Fracture Control
Computational Methods
Microstructural & Micromechanical Modelling